ArduPilot Monthly Update for Sep 2021

Here are the slides from the monthly report for Sep 2021 presented by Tridge, Randy and a couple of other developers at this month’s Partners call.

By the way, the image on the left is of Lentola Logistics’s vectored thrust tailsitter and the one on the right is of the FETtec 4-in-one ESC protocol that we’ve recently added support ... Read more

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Simple ESP Telemetry Serial Bridges

Due to the low cost and high flexibility of Espressif development boards, it’s very attractive to use them for a telemetry link, among many other things. There is some existing software for ESP-based MAVLink telemetry, but I found it somewhat frustrating.

I have had very little success with DroneBridge, even after following the documentation closely. I also tried Tridge’s fork of mavesp8266 with little success.

I think Tridge’s mavesp8266 fork is quite promising, and I do ... Read more

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Ideal Diodes when using multiple batteries

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OBAL - A Simple Linux-based Raspberry-Pi Ardupilot FCB

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