Leash vs S-Curve navigation

This is a simple comparison of the path that Copter-4.0’s “leash” based navigation takes vs Copter-4.1’s “s-curve” navigation when the target speed is high (i.e. WPNAV_SPEED = 1500) and target maximum acceleration is left low (i.e. WPNAV_ACCEL = 100).

You’ll hopefully notice these three improvements:

This enhancement should also reduce some issue that users reported with “do” command executing long before the vehicle reached the corners.

The algorithms and majority of the coding for this important enhancement come from AP’s ... Read more

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Introduction to drone Swarming with Ardupilot

I recently have been exploring and learning ... Read more

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Building a Raspberry Pi 4 + Pelican Case ground station computer for Mission Planner

I wanted a device to run Mission Planner on, but which was more suitable for use out in the field than my Surface Go. I’d seen a lot of Pelican 1150 ‘cyberdeck’ style luggable computer builds recently & already had a spare 1150 case, so I thought I’d have a go but with my own particular spin on things. Now that Mission Planner is trivial to get running on a Raspberry Pi 4, this sort of project becomes a lot cheaper & more straightforward!

Being able to see the screen outdoors in sunlight, as well as having a decent resolution to work with, were both key. So instead of ... Read more

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Rpanion-server 0.7 Released

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