Fan Car - a Vectored-Thrust Rover

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Single helicopter SplineWaypoint flight test

Beautiful flight, Ardu Pilot’s performance is excellent.

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Multi SITL on homecloud

Hello friends,

You may remember that some time ago, I made a post about multi robot simulation with ArduPilot (see Multi systems patrol simulations).

This was during my PhD, I didn’t have much time nor funds to push my simulation into a cloud system for larger scale simulation.

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DeSET long distance drone boat first test

This is the first test of a new long distance mapping boat for the DeSET project which itself is part of a larger global initiative to map the depth of the entire sea floor by 2030. My team aims to increase the use of autonomous “drone boats” in this effort by building prototypes that can follow alongside manned boats or go off on their own. This prototype is built by AttracLab and features:

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