Chasing better accuracy

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I work with large rovers where following a precise predefined course is a critical success factor. Over the last year or so, we have refined our systems and tuning to the point where we can rely on averaging better than +/- 5 cm cross track error on straight sections of the planned path. This represents approximately 2% of the vehicle width. This degree of accuracy has come about due to an increasing understanding of how Ardurover works at all levels. One thing that is apparent when looking at position information at this scale, is the degree of apparent noise.

We use Ublox F9P GNSS modules in a moving base line setup on our vehicles along with our own local base station (also F9P). This arrangement gives us an heading that is not affected by magnetic interference and accurate to approximately 0.1 degrees, ... Read more

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New LiDAR sensor Benewake TF02-Pro TFmini-S TF-Luna for drones UAV

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I think many many drones/UAV players have known and played with Benewake TFmini, TFmini Plus and TF02 LiDAR for obstacles avoidance/anti-collision/altimeter/terrain following/distance keeping applications,etc.

Now Benewake have upgraded TFmini and TF02 to new model with better technical parameters, more stable performance and lower cost. Please check below comparasion if you inerested : )

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Power Module with Dual internal Power Supply

mRo Power Zero - Step
This is a renewed high-quality power module standard based on the ACSP7 but with dual internal power supply to improve the stability of the hall-sensing.

The mRo Power Zero from mRobotics is designed especially for the Ardupilot community and it offers extremely accurate measurements across the entire current & voltage operating range with a non-invasive Hall-effect current sensor for UAV / Robotics application and high precision voltage dividing circuit for consistent and reliable measurements.

Compared to the ACSP7, the .5v offset is removed and the current sensing is ... Read more

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[GSoC 2020] Integration of ArduPilot and Realsense D4xx Depth Camera for simple Obstacle Avoidance

1. Introduction

In this blog post, we will attempt to extend ArduPilot’s obstacle avoidance ability with the Intel Realsense depth camera.

2. Prerequisite


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