Introducing Shoya 500HE - Hybrid VTOL

Introducing UAV Skies Long Range, Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) planes, “Shoya 500HE”

This an electrical plus gasoline hybrid plane. One of kind in the industry and considered one of the largest UAVs in the industry for private use.

Please contact us for more information via our website

Key Aviation Features:

  1. Autonomous and Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight control. Military and industrial grade.
  2. Live High Definition video transmission up to 100 km with low latency.
  3. Support for 4G/5G Live video broadcasting as backup.
  4. C2 (FIPS compliant) Command ... Read more

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Big GPS Round Up

Google Photos
One of the great pleasures of being part of the ArduPilot project is the opportunity to test some interesting hardware. That opportunity came up recently when Holybro offered to send me a selection of their new GPS range. In mid-2019 I did initial tests of GPS (really GNSS) receivers from Drotek based on the (at ... Read more

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ArduPilot Developer Conference 2021

The ArduPilot dev team is delighted to announce the ArduPilot developer conference ... Read more

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Stretching Comm Links: The Real-time Dilemma

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