Controlling Parrot drones using SkyController2

Hey, it’s been some time I’m writing a new RC software to run on the Parrot SkyController2 to use with ArduPilot on the supported drones from Parrot. The video above is the current progress. End goal is to control the Parrot Disco fixed wing, but on my travel to Brazil unfortunately it didn’t fit in my bags. So, in order to test the RC implementation I revived an old Bebop 1 I had. The project I’m talking about is called dema-rc and can be found on my github:

The SkyController2, like the drones from Parrot use a custom Linux distro with influences from buildroot and Android. It has its own init system ... Read more

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Speeding up compilation

Speeding up compilation time


Hello friends,

Some time ago, I left my job for new adventures. Doing so, I lost my company recent laptop and then my development workflow get really downgraded.
I am now using an old 2011 laptop with i5-2410M (2 cores at 2.3Ghz) and 4Go RAM DDR3. That is still decent but when you taste the speed you cannot get back …

Well, my issue is the compile time for reviewing PR on ArduPilot.

Standard setup

With the default installation a full build with waf takes 7m14s.Read more

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Using ArduSub to Power a Custom ROV

Hi friends!!! First time here :smile: I’m Elisa and I am one of the sales and marketing humans at Blue Robotics! We have a ton of customers that are doing really neat things with ArduSub and I thought this would be a great community to share all their cool projects!

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Ride Along on Josh's TradHeli (360 video)

Enjoy a ride along on Josh Welsh’s Traditional Helicopter fitted with an Insta360 One X camera. The autopilot is a Hex CubeBlack running ArduPilot Copter-4.0.2. Looking good!

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