Autonomous Glider from High Altitude balloon

Hey! Somebody told me i should be sharing my progress here.

This project aims to autonomously return a glider from a high altitude balloon (100,000 feet). I just wrapped up “proof of concept” autonomous glides dropped from a hexacopter. We’re ready for 18,000 foot class E flight testing, pending how our talks with the faa begins and ends.

Heres the video! Let me know what you guys think.

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Testing internal IMU damping solutions of popular flight controllers

For some time now I’ve been interested in how effective the vibration damping of flight controllers has been when applied to larger, heavy lift UAVs such as large multicopters and helicopters. I’ve always been a bit suspicious that the damping is not actually effectively at low frequencies, and may even be detrimental. After all, it’s incredibly hard to effectively isolate a small mass such as a PCB.

My main goal was to find the most suitable controller for a helicopter or multirotor with a rotor speed of 1800rpm (30Hz). In general, we can expect vibration to be worst in the 1st, 2nd and 4th harmonic (30Hz, 60Hz and 120Hz) of that ... Read more

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Using MAVCONN library for sending non-GPS Navigation Messages in C/C++

MAVCONN library (libmavconn) is the mavlink connection and communication library used in MAVROS that could be used also outside the ROS environment.

I used it in two project related to non-GPS Navigation systems based on Visual Position Estimation and I would like to share with Ardupilot community my experience.

The first project (aruco_mavconn) is the porting to (non-ROS) C/C++ of the positioning system based on Aruco Boards described in this wiki page (

The intent was that of learning how to use libmavconn and a little bit more of OpenCV while at the same time obtaining ... Read more

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ArduPilot Conference 2020 Underway!

The 2020 ArduPilot Developers Conference is underway!

We’ve moved everything online, due to global travel ... Read more

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