Flight Coach - using ArduPilot .bin files as an interesting way of viewing aerobatic flights

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Arduplane autonomous aerobatics

I had an interesting chat to Tridge today about adding autonomous aerobatic capability to Arduplane.

The ability to perform autonomous aerobatic maneuvers has been discussed before, but with the advent of lua scripts and reasonably priced 2mb flight control boards it would seem this is now within reach.

This wont happen overnight, but Tridge hopes to start developing the infrastructure required for us to start scripting autonomous aerobatic maneuvers into our flights. What does a geometrically perfect loop look like from the ground? Hopefully we will soon know! I am looking forward to helping with this development!

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Techniques of Drone Use in Search and Rescue

This event is hosted by the AUVSI chapter of Texas and NTDUG!

July 30th at the Albanian American Cultural Center located at 350 E Southwest Parkway Lewisville, TX 75067, come join us to discuss drone use in Search and Rescue operations.

This will be an approximately 3-4 hour class and is a prerequisite to attend the field practical that will be held in McKinney near Medical City McKinney building located at 4500 Medical Center Dr, McKinney, TX 75069.

This class is geared towards those who have some working knowledge of drones and can handle basic flight operations. This course was constructed to educate first responders as well as Law Enforcement in the use of all drone types within the scope of Search and Rescue. If you have ever had an interest in such use then please make plans for a Friday night and an all-day Saturday drone ... Read more

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Ardupilot:Native ROS2 support



Hello Ardupilot family, my name is Arsh Pratap and I was selected this year to work with Ardupilot organization for GSoC ’21 programme. In this blog I will be discussing my GSoC project - Native ROS2 support for Ardupilot and the progress that I have made on this project so far.

To help readers effectively understand the project , this blog is spit in the following parts-

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