Auxiliary Functions

This page describes how to set up additional features which can be invoked from the transmitter’s auxiliary function switches.

Configuring which transmitter channel is used

Any RC input channel can be assigned any auxiliary function. However the RC channel should not be used by any other function. Typically channels above 7 are free to be used for auxiliary functions.

Assigning the Feature

The RC7_OPTION parameter controls which feature is assigned to RC input 7. Each RC channel has its own RCx_OPTION parameter that can be accessed in the full parameter list.

If using the Mission Planner, the Config/Tuning >> Basic Tuning’s “RC7 Opt”, “RC8 Opt, “RC9 Opt” and “RC10 Opt” drop-down can be used to easily set the desired feature.


Supported Features

RCx_OPTION value Feature Description
0 Do Nothing
4 RTL mode
7 Save WP
9 Camera Trigger
16 Auto mode
19 Gripper
28 Relay 1 On/off
30 Lost Rover Sound
31 Motor Emergency Stop
34 Relay 2 On/Off
35 Relay 3 On/Off
36 Relay 4 On/Off
40 Proximity Avoidance
41 Arm Disarm
42 SmartRTL mode
46 RC Override Enable
50 LearnCruise
51 Manual mode
52 Acro mode
53 Steering mode
54 Hold mode
55 Guided mode
56 Loiter mode
57 Follow mode
58 Clear Waypoints
59 Simple mode
62 Compass Learn
63 Sailboat Tack
65 GPS Disable
66 Relay 5 On/Off
67 Relay 5 On/Off

Check the channel range


The configured feature will be triggered when the auxiliary switch’s pwm value becomes higher than 1800. It will be deactivated when the value falls below 1200.

You can check the pwm value sent from the transmitter when the switch is high and low using the Mission Planner’s Initial Setup >> Mandatory Hardware >> Radio Calibration screen. If it does not climb higher than 1800 or lower than 1200, it is best to adjust the servo end points in the transmitter.