Learning a MissionΒΆ

LEARNING mode allows you to teach the Rover a mission by manually driving around recording the desired waypoints.


This is the easiest way to create a mission on Rover. Alternatively you can plan a mission using Mission Planner or some other GCS.

To add waypoints in Learning Mode:

  • Make sure you have GPS lock (solid blue LED on APM).
  • Turn on Learning mode using the mode switch.
  • Drive around manually and flick the CH7 toggle when you want the autopilot to record a waypoint.

The waypoints will be added to the end of the current mission stored in the rover. Once you’re done, you can switch into AUTO mode and the Rover should retrace your steps, hitting all the waypoints you recorded.

If you’re connected to the Mission Planner, you can click Read WPs on the Flight Planner screen and it will show the recorded waypoints on a map.


You can erase the mission stored in the rover by toggling the CH7 switch while in Manual mode.