Example ConfigurationΒΆ

This topic provides additional recommended configuration for Rover vehicles during initial setup and testing. It assumes that the configuration is performed using Mission Planner (and that Mission Planner is already installed and connected).

  1. Go to the Config/Tuning tab.
  2. Select the Planner item in the left menu and ensure the Advanced View item on the bottom right is checked.
  3. Click on the Standard Params item in the left menu and install some conservative starting parameters.
    • Set the Channel 7 Option to Learn Waypoint if it is not already set to it.
    • Reduce Target cruise speed in auto from 5.00 to 2.50.
    • Reduce Base throttle percentage from 50 to 30.


This step is important as all the navigation in auto modes is based on the cruise speed and throttle configuration. See Rover Tuning

  1. Set a failsafe to turn your vehicle off (put it in HOLD mode) if you lose RC reception for 5 seconds.
    • Set Failsafe Action to HOLD.
    • Set GCS failsafe enable to Disabled unless you are using a 3DR Telemetry radio.
    • Set Throttle Failsafe Enable to Enabled
    • Failsafe is preset to 5 seconds but can be adjusted in the Full Parameter List with the FS_TIMEOUT parameter.
  2. Select the Advanced Params item from the left menu and ensure the Board Orientation Item matches your setup.
    • If your autopilot is mounted upside down (e.g. for improved connector access), set the orientation to Roll 180 (8).
    • If your autopilot is mounted right side up select None.
  3. Scroll down to Compass Orientation and ensure it is set correctly for your compass. This should already have been set in Compass Calibration.
  4. Scroll down to RC trim PWM (RC3_TRIM) and set it up for (reverse - centre - forward) throttle or not.
    • Throttle is normally channel 3, if you have changed it to another channel go there instead.
    • If you have a centre loaded throttle with reverse, set this value to 1500. If not then leave it at 1100.
  5. The Minimum Throttle parameter (THR_MIN) is mostly useful for rovers with internal combustion motors, to prevent the motor from cutting out in auto mode.
  6. The Maximum Throttle parameter (THR_MAX) can be used to prevent overheating a ESC or motor on an electric rover.