The development team votes on various proposals including the “Top Contribution of the Month”. This page shows how these votes should be conducted.

Creating a voting form

../_images/how-the-team-works-voting1.png ../_images/how-the-team-works-voting2.png
  • fill in the form title both in the main view and on the top left of the page
  • In the description we normally add the following line:

“As this is a non-technical proposal, no reason/s are required, just pick one. For more details on how this works see here:

  • The first question should be titled “Your Email”, of type “Short answer” and “Required”
  • The 2nd question is normally a “Multiple choice” and also “Required”
  • To allow users to modify their responses, select the gear icon and check “Edit after submit” and press Save
  • Finally to send out the voting form:
    • push the Send button
    • set the “Email To” field to “
    • fill in the Subject and Message fields
    • to allow others to see the responses (including, click the “Collaborators” link and add their email in the “Invite people” field. If you are submitting the vote as yourself, include
    • check “Include form in email” and press “Send”

Normally after a few days, you will want to check the response and inform the development team:

  • open
  • find your voting form and click on it
  • click the “Responses” tab to see a graph of who voted and the results