Google Summer of Docs (GSoD) 2019 Project Ideas

This is a list of projects suggested by ArduPilot developers for Google Summer Of Docs 2019. These are only suggestions, and if you have your own ideas then please discuss them on the ArduPilot GSOC gitter channel. The successful candidate(s) will be mentored by one of the project leads who can provide the required detail of the project.

  • Bring our Plane wiki up to the same level as Copter and Rover
  • Improve images on our wiki by using transparent background (instead of white) or completely replacing with more professional looking images
  • Fill out developer MAVLink interface with help from one of the core developers
  • Create a better “Getting Started” section of the Copter wiki for users new to ArduPilot

How to improve your chances of being accepted

When making the difficult decision about which students to accept, we look for:

  • Clear and detailed application explaining how you think the project could be done
  • Relevant prior experience
  • Experience contributing to ArduPilot or other open source projects
  • Understanding of Git and/or GitHub or other code repository systems (this is where we keep our documents)