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ArduPilot ORG is registered as a Non-Profit organization. We operate under SPI Inc

Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

P.O. Box 501248

Indianapolis, IN 46250-6248

United States


Mon-Sun: 00.01 AM - 23.59 PM
Where: Gitter, Discuss, Skype

Talking to Us

Normally all our communication goes trough our community sites such as Discuss Forums. But if you need to contact us directly, you can do this by sending your message in here.

Please remember!

This contact form is NOT for:

  • Technical questions
  • Bug reports
  • Feature requests
  • Support question

and so on. For issues above, please contact us in Gitter, Github, Discuss forums.

Recommends, support questions, feature requests, general queries and so on, please use our discussion forums:

We would love to hear from you!
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