G-Bot autonomous golf ball collecting robot

The G-Bot is an autonomous golf-ball collecting robot looking for backers on Indiegogo. A nice looking robot with a real world use case.

It’s great to see the team behind it has taken the extra step of detailing what’s inside which includes Emlid’s NAVIO2 flight controller running ArduPilot.

Hope they get the funding they’re looking for!

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UAV Electric Propulsion System Survey

Greetings everyone,

We at Zubax Robotics research, design, and manufacture highly energy-efficient motor controllers and integrated drives for aerospace applications. One of our primary goals is to deliver better motor controllers for the UAV industry. To advance our research, we created a survey that will help us capture some of the needs of the industry.

The obtained data will be used to optimize our solutions for the current and future needs of the industry and help us alleviate one of the most significant issues of battery-powered UAV, limited endurance. Results of the survey will be shared via email with everyone interested.

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KevinG's Autonomous zero-point turn Lawn Mower

This video comes courtesy of Kevin Groba who has been using ArduPilot Rover (ver 3.3) to automate a zero-point turn (aka skid steering) gas powered lawn mower. The ongoing discussion of this mower is here.

This is a Scag Patriot 60 mower with a Cube (aka Pixhawk2) autopilot. Kevin has used heavy duty servos to physically move the levers on the mower.

Congrats Kevin on this great progress and helping with beta testing the latest ... Read more

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ArduPilot Development report for May 2018


Here is the monthly update from this month’s partners update call. As always thanks to our Partners for their support!

By the way, the picture above is the first successful flight of a dodecahexa copter from Altigator.

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