Join us for ArduPilot After Hours at Interdrone on Sept 6th

Come join Tom, Jaime, Robert, me, and as many of the other developers as we can gather for InterDrone

This will be my fourth InterDrone and the third year that ArduPilot will have a booth. There are lots of interesting presentations and we'll have another After Hours session too.
We would love to see you there.

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ArduPilot with Marvelmind Beacons

This blogpost contains the information that was exchanged between me, @rmackay9, @priseborough, @MHefny, and couple others who were testing the Marvelmind beacons ( referred to as MM). <... Read more

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Best contribution for May - Jaime Machuca and Nick Nunno

Congratulations to Ardupilot Developer Jaime Machuca and Nick Nunno of Aion Robotics for winning the "Best Contribution of the Month" award for May 2017, for their work ... Read more

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Global Satellite Telemetry for ArduPilot

SPL is a global satellite telemetry solution for unmanned vehicles controlled by ArduPilot.

With SPL you can:

  • Track position, attitude, and velocity of your vehicles anywhere on Earth.

  • Monitor vital signs of your vehicles, ... Read more

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