FlightZoomer 3 is released!

Finally, after a long development time, I am happy to announce that FlightZoomer 3 is released!

To celebrate the launch of the FlightZoomer apps, the FlightZoomer 3 Cockpit-app is available at no cost from the Windows 10 Store. Be sure to get the app for free before the price goes up.

For those who don’t know FlightZoomer yet, get an impression of the capabilities in the video above.

What is FlightZoomer?

FlightZoomer is a special kind of a cockpit app (aka GCS), which runs on any Windows 10 tablet, notebook, or desktop PC.

The app, which is called FlightZoomer Cockpit 3, is connected with an ArduPilot flight controller either through 3rd party radio telemetry or through 3G and an onboard smartphone, ... Read more

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GSoC 2018: Balance Bot Part II

New photo by Ebin Philip
Hello there! This is the second post on my work on the Balance Bot project. This will also be my final submission for the GSoC final evaluation, where i need to provide links to all the code i wrote. So this post is going to be peppered with links to all my pull requests. So if the regular readers over here feel there are way too many links in this post, do excuse me for the same :wink: .

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GSoC 2018: Complex Autonomous Tasks Onboard a UAV using a Monocular Camera (NVIDIA Redtail)

In our previous blog post we discussed the hardware design and started porting the ... Read more

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Introducing Flight Reporting In Mission Planner


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