Developer UnConference - Michael Oborne

This is Michael Oborne's presentation about little known features of the Mission Planner and a demonstration of Mission Planner's video and log-file downloading using APSync. This is from the ArduPilot 2017 Developer "Un-conference" held in Canberra Australia in February.

Topics covered include: APSync, FFT for vibration analysis, Fast method to draw polygons, moving groups of waypoints on the map, swarming.

Many of you have likely already seen the videos below but in any case, they demonstrate the swarming feature that has been added to the Mission Planner.

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Developer UnConference - Paul Riseborough

This is Paul Riseborough's presentation regarding the EKF given at the recent ArduPilot 2017 Developer "Un-conference" held in Canberra Australia in February.

Although some of you may have seen it in an earlier blog post, here's an actual flight video of Paul's IRIS which was using Dual-GPS blending, optical flow and range finder.

Here's a link to Tridge's presentation from the same event:

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Developer UnConference Feb 2017 - Andrew Tridgell

These are the first two videos from the recent ArduPilot 2017 Developer "Un-conference" held in Canberra Australia in February.

The first video is just a short welcome and the second is Tridge's update on ArduPilot's ongoing improvements to support VTOLs.

Here is an actual flight video (slightly rough filming) from the un-conference of the PA AddictionX acrobatic plane which is one of the same vehicles that appears in Tridge's talk.

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Easy SITL for Windows Users

After running the CanberraUAV workshop last month, I found that a many Windows users are not experienced or confident using terminal commands to set up the Ardupilot SITL environment.

So I've made a set of automated scripts to install and run the SITL environment on any Windows computer.

The scripts can be downloaded from, along with the instructions (there's a couple of steps!).

In essence, the scripts automatically:
-Download and install Cygwin with the correct packages for Ardupilot SITL
-Download and build JSBSim for Ardupilot:Plane SITL
-Download and configure the Ardupilot source code

The scripts should (hopefully) work on any Windows computer.

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