Testers needed for in-flight compass learning

I would like some testers for a new ArduPilot feature - in-flight compass learning.
This is a feature that was originally developed for the SkyViper quadcopter, but can work with a wide range of vehicles (planes, copters, helicopters, rovers, boats etc). It avoids the need to do a compass calibration ... Read more

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Off-Line Multi Protocol Log analysis


Hi all,

Some might be already familiar with a Open Source Tool for data analysis called DataExplorer.

This is a great tool to check various ... Read more

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New FAA Rules for Drones Go Into Effect

This is a link to an article from /spectrum.ieee.org about the new FAA Rules for Drones

FAA new regulations may have major influence on other’s countries regulations.
Please feel free to add updates ... Read more

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Allowing Ardupilot to interact with a multi-legs robot

Hi all,

Just reading this interesting publication and was simply asking if it was possible to imagine a module that can interact between Ardupilot and a 2 legs or multilegs ... Read more

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