FlightZoomer Innovation Preview 2 and 3

In my first post in February I presented the Terrain Map and Vertical Situation Display of the upcoming Release 3 of FlightZoomer. This time, I'd like to present two other new innovations of FlightZoomer Version 3 in one post...

First the synthetic outside view:

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Mapping with APM:Plane on Disco

"Ten thousand dollars?!?! It's just a piece of foam!"

I can't tell you how many times I've heard that over the past few years.

We will not debate the value of quality or workflow simplicity contained in that $10,000. What we will do is demonstrate how to take a $1,000 consumer fixed-wing drone out of the box and generate high resolution orthomosaics with a simple, repeatable workflow.

No time-consuming hardware integrations, just basic setup and an APM lobotomy for CHUCK. (He's the pilot.)

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First Phantom FX 61 VTOL

As soon as A. Tridge shows cuadplane I love the new function for my flying wing to get out of the box :smiley: .
It´s my first flyingwing and my first VTOL build so, If this thing can ... Read more

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Finally Spilling the Beans on RTK GNSS


I've never seen an article giving actual RTK GNSS system prices and straightforward explanations of what's important to build a robust RTK system. Hopefully this post saves the beginner some headaches:

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