Boeing's massive cargo drone (using Pixhawk2 and ArduPilot)

Many of you may have already seen this but above is a video from Boeing regarding their latest delivery drone. Look closely and you'll see the Pixhawk2 (link) and Mission Planner (link) make their appearance.

Obviously major credit to Boeing for its excellent engineering but we are also proud and honoured that you chose ArduPilot for your flight code! Thanks Boeing!

Some more details can be found in this Wired article.

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Rover-3.2.0 released!

After months of development and beta testing, Rover-3.2.0 has been officially released as the default ArduPilot rover software. Full details of the changes in the Release Notes and also copied below:

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ArduPilot Development Report for Jan 2018

Below is the link to the latest Monthly Development report presented by Tridge, Randy and a few other developers at this month's partners call. As always thanks to our Partners for their support and engagement!

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Obstacle Avoidance for 3DR Solo using LightWare LW20

Our friend Stephan Schindewolf, in collaboration with Thomas Stone and I.R. Lock, developed an affordable, front facing collision detection solution for the 3DR Solo, using a LightWare LW20 (or SF20) and a servo.

The LW20 comes standard with a built-in servo driver for SLAM maps ... Read more

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