Global UAV Technologies to purchase NOVAerial Robotics Inc

Re-posted from NOVAerial Robotics site.

I am pleased to announce that NOVAerial Robotics Inc. has entered acquisition discussions with Global UAV Technologies Ltd, a Canadian-based UAV consortium that is rapidly expanding with a series of well-planned acquisitions. Their goal is to assemble a number of companies ... Read more

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ArduSub on Hackaday

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Petrol Boosted Tricopter

The "Trinity" Tricopter with petrol supplement drive.


At CanberraUAV we have recently been mucking about with all sorts of VTOL aircraft with the general aim of finding something for the UAV Outback Challenge that is perhaps a little more elegant than the quadplane we used in 2016.

Jack had ... Read more

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Birds of Prey: Goshawk and Falcon ornithopter chase

What's more impressive than an Ardupilot autonomous Goshawk ornithopter?

Two birds of prey, a falcon and a goshawk! From flyer Kasuhiko Kakuta, a "one man" dual flight ... Read more

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