ArduPilot Roadmap for 2019/2020

Similar to last year, we’ve put together the RoadMap for the coming year.

This roadmap shows the direction of the ArduPilot team in 2019 and beyond. The purpose is not to guarantee exactly when features will be added but instead to help the team, Partners and anyone else working on ArduPilot to spot areas where we can cooperate. There will certainly be many developments that are not on this list.

Each section of the roadmap has the name of the core developer in charge so feel free to ... Read more

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HereFlow Optical Flow Sensor Testing

Hex was kind enough to send me one of their just released HereFlow optical flow sensors. Although it is a bit more expensive than the similarly tiny Cheerson CX-OF sensor it also includes a short range lidar (which I haven’t really tested with yet). Because it’s CAN, it is pretty easy to setup and my initial impression is that it performs well. I’ve created a wiki page with setup details here. It’s great to have this flow sensor available so well done Hex and Read more

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ArduPilot update for Apr 2019

Here is a link to the monthly update presented by Tridge, a few of the other developers and I at the monthly partners meeting.

By the way, the two images above are a couple of ground/surface vehicles tested ... Read more

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Fixed-Wing Automation - Elanus Duo

Powered by Ardupilot and the Cube mini flight controller, the Elanus Duo is a result of the awesome advice given on this forum. It has taken a while to come to fruition, but here is a compilation of the footage that I’ve shot over the last year.

2.5+ hours with mapping payloads over 1kg. Hand launch, automatic reverse thrust landing, and terrain following. Ardupilot ROCKS!

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