ArduPilot Monthly Update for July 2019

Here is a link to the monthly update for July 2019 presented by Tridge and I and a few other developers at the monthly Partners meeting.

By the way, the image shown above is the Alti team posing with two of their quadplanes.

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Drone tracker with Lora radio

I would like to share my recent project, that I started a few days ago, to make a low power super small size drone tracker.
Here is the first pcb look

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New FPV Plane setup guide

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uBlox ZED-F9P series of GPS is their new and first multiband GPS series. Until now we have all used mostly their M8 series which was already very good GPS modules. I have watched Tridge’s blog on his own very technically detailed testing which triggered me to do this comparison between F9 and M8 series of uBlox GPSs.

I have so far used M8 series GPSs on all of my UAV builds so far with great satisfaction.

The fact F9 series are multiband GPSs, there should be a good improvement on performance (precision, speed of acquisition)

To test it out, I connected an Ardusimple F9 GPS eval board to a Pixhawk1 board on GPS port 1. I simultaneously connected a M8 GPS on GPS port 2.

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