KDECAN - a new CAN protocol, first in ArduPilot

You have probably heard of KDE Direct, a leading manufacturer of brushless motors, electronics and components for the UAV market. KDE Direct has just announced the launch of a new CAN communication protocol; KDECAN will allow UVC series ESCs to actively monitor critical system components, increase redundancy and set the standard for operational safety ... Read more

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Best Contribution of the Month, September

Congratulations to Ardupilot community members IamPete and Muqing_cao, for each winning Ardupilot’s “Best Contribution of the Month” award for September 2018!

Iampete (Peter Hall) won for his work on sailboats. Peter has written the majority of AP’s sailboat support, tested it and helped DavidBoulanger get it working as well by writing up this ... Read more

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35 drone lightshow from DroneWe.com

This is a drone lightshow created by DroneWe.com which is one of the Hex retailers. In the video 35 drones are coordinated and my understanding is they’re using Cube flight controllers with RTK GPSs running Copter-3.5.7 and coordinated with the UgCS ground station. Nicely done DroneWe.com!

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Testers needed for in-flight compass learning

I would like some testers for a new ArduPilot feature - in-flight compass learning.
This is a feature that was originally developed for the SkyViper quadcopter, but can work with a wide range of vehicles (planes, copters, helicopters, rovers, boats etc). It avoids the need to do a compass calibration ... Read more

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