Swarming Boats with ArduPilot Rover-3.6

Thanks to support from DeSET (part of The Nippon Foundation) I’ve been putting some effort into swarming with boats. The idea is that it should be faster to map a large area of the sea using a large number of syncronised boats.

I’ve previously done swarming with multicopters and rovers and so it wasn’t too difficult to get working. As a reminder there are at least 3 ways to do swarming with ArduPilot:

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RC Test Flight's Box Boat

Here’s a fun and informative video from RCTestFlight (aka @Daniel_Riley) showing an autonomous boat made from a couple of Tupperware boxes. It’s all good fun but there’s also some educational bits on tuning such a slow vehicle (the speed controller struggles a bit because boat’s low speed is down close to the noise from GPS error) and also it highlights the old seaweed-in-the-prop issue that I’ve also hit a few times. Perhaps in the future we can use ESCs with feedback to come up with an automatic solution to try and clear weeds from the props (issue ... Read more

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ArduPilot Monthly Update for Aug 2019

Here is a link to the monthly update for Aug 2019 presented by Tridge and I and a few other developers at the monthly Partners meeting.

The image above is from Canberra UAV’s test launch of a multicopter from a Plane which they are doing as part of their ... Read more

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