Towards the Ultimate 3DR Solo Brain Transplant

Sure, I’m really not the first doing a 3DR Solo brain transplant, but here is my twist:

As part of my UAVCAN for Hobbyists (UC4H) project, which brings CANbus devices ... Read more

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Controlling Parrot Disco video

I’ve been wanted to work on this for ages, and finally got around to it with the encouragement of Gus Whitehouse (thanks Gus!).
One of the key missing features with ArduPilot on the disco has been the lack of a way to control video recording and streaming and taking of still ... Read more

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Spanish River Basin monitoring with ArduPilot

Here is a new search report on the “Use of Drones for the Topo-Bathymetric Monitoring of the Reservoirs of the Segura River Basin” by Manuel Erena, Joaquín F. Atenza, Sandra García-Galiano, José A. Domínguez and José M. Bernabé.

As a developer it’s very rewarding to see this type of research making use of ArduPilot and in this case, no less than three different vehicles types are used! Copter, Rover/Boat and even Submarines!

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DroneePlotter – An Elite Drone Flight Log Analysis Tool

DroneePlotter – An Elite Drone Flight Log Analysis Tool

There’s no doubting that drones have revolutionized the way in which people carry out surveying work. Whether the users are operating in agriculture, construction, or any other industry which requires such work, drones have made surveying easier, safer and faster than ever before.

When using these high-tech unmanned aircraft, users can also get unparalleled amounts of data about how their drones are performing, via flight log analysis. Today, we want to talk to you about a new and exciting entry into this particular field – DroneePlotter.

What is DroneePlotter?

In short, DroneePlotter is a browser-based log analyzer tool. You upload your drone’... Read more

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