Donating to ArduPilot project

Donating to our operation is made easy. If you are using ArduPilot system and want to donate for the good cause, there are several ways of doing that:

PayPal Donations

Direct PayPal donations should be made by using DONATE button on our pages or by using following PayPal link

Support Merchandise


To make sure that donations from all merchandise are distributed correctly, please use official suppliers listed here.

Our developers are currently creating various merchandise products for ArduPilot users. There will be keyrings, t-shirts, coffee mugs, windsocks and many other items coming. Many thanks to Jani from jDrones who is currently working on ArduPilot merchandise product lines. His store will be the first official source of these items.

You can follow merchandise development on our discussion forums. New ideas are always welcome.

All profits from merchandise items will be used directly at ArduPilot organization. Funds will be used: Developing new hardware, feature development, developer meetings, running ArduPilot internet services and so on.

Here is a list of currently available merchandise products (at end of Jun 2016).

  • ArduPilot keyring: “Remove Pilot...” buy here

Other items coming shortly:

  • ArduPilot T-shirts,...
  • ArduPilot mugs,...
  • ArduPilot windsocks,...
  • ArduPilot checklists,...