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Welcome Home

We are always thrilled to get new people to work with us.

Great Workers

Our developers are from "sunday" coders to people who create programming languages and even microprocessors.

Global Community

Our developers are all around the world and from almost all timezones.

Friendly community

All people are warmly welcomed to our developer community.

No Physical Presence

"Office?" What is that? It is fully up to our developers to choose where they want to work.

Developer hardware

Our developers are often getting their hands on new/fresh hardwares to play with.

Open Positions
It is always good to have more eyes on looking over the code. You would be going trough our program codes in github and try to find bugs or inconsistencies on our code base. We will offer a "bug racket" for you.
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Wiki/Document editor
Wiki/Document developer. If you know well sphinx and wiki markup languages in generally and are willing to work with greatest autopilot group in world.
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Web Developer
We are looking a highly skilled web developer to our group. You would work as a member of our infra team who is responsible of all internet content. CSS/HTML knowledge is a must. Knowing Sphinx, Concrete5 is great to have
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